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RECIKA has partnered with Hacken to promote blockchain cybersecurity in Japan


RECIKA has partnered with Hacken to promote blockchain cybersecurity in Japan

RECIKA Co.,Ltd is announcing a partnership with Hacken to promote blockchain cybersecurity in Japan. Hacken is a leading Web 3.0 cybersecurity auditor from Ukraine that specializes in blockchain smart contract auditing, penetration testing, and cybersecurity assessment. Through this partnership Recika and Hacken will promote the development of safer blockchain and digital ecosystems in Japan.

There have been serious exploits in Japan’s blockchain history. For example: In August 2021, the leading Japanese crypto exchange Liquid was hacked and more than $90M were stolen. Similar to Liquid, some other Japan based exchanges experienced hacks resulting in the loss of users’ assets. More than 2 million people in Japan own cryptocurrency according to Global Crypto Adoption, and 32% of crypto value in Japan is related to Defi Projects. Therefore, Recika and Hacken hope to create a safe environment for Japanese DeFi and other blockchain related projects through Hacken’s rigorous approach to blockchain auditing.

Hacken is one of the top blockchain cybersecurity ecosystems in the world with over 80+ partners including CoinGecko, Solana, Simplex, Avalanche, and other famous companies. One of the main elements of the Hacken ecosystem is the bug bounty platform HackenProof with over 7000+ active ethical hackers looking for vulnerabilities in clients’ systems.

Recika is eager to begin contributing to the blockchain development through partnership with Hacken and bridging borders between the international and Japanese blockchain spaces.

Under this partnership, Hacken will provide smart contracts auditing and other cybersecurity services to Recika’s clients and partners from the blockchain space. Recika & Hacken will strive to ensure that Japanese companies meet global security standards during the active  implementation of blockchain technologies in Japan.

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