RECIKA utilizes blockchain technology, develops model cases for industrial application and develops franchises.

RECIKA provides solutions for industrial issues and builds an inclusive ecosystem with a distributed business model.

RECIKA connects technology, business and social issues with the shortest distance and solves it!


Recika utilizes blockchain to achieve a decentralized business model that connects the producers and consumers with digital assets, data and points to build an open community without walls.

Why blockchain?

Obstacles to IoT data sharing

Data security

Ownership & data portability

Vendor risk

Network constraints

Lack use cases and high cost

Siloed systems

Lack internal expertise

How blocchain technology & ecosystems could address these concerns

Decentralized Operating Model

  • A decentralized model guarantees that no single person or entity controls the ecosystem
  • Transparency amongst all dealings minimizes the risk of foul play
  • Decentralized resources and services are leveraged to provide a host of services
  • Fractionalized Resources

  • Blockchain helps to both unlock underutilized resources and fractionalize storage and processing to pay-as-you-use units
  • Cryptographically Secure

  • Blockchain ecosystems have proven to be highly resistant to attacks, ensuring that the data is secure and anonymous if need be
  • Ownership is easily defined and enforced through blockchain

  • Open Source, Open Innovation

  • An open innovation model leverages a global open source community's expertise to create innovative use cases
  • IoT data could easily become a profit center as they're traded
  • Recika Service

    Business Consulting + Blockchain + Application

    • Planning
    • Design
    • Build
    • Run


    RECIKA makes use of the know-how of the core technology of the block chain to construct a model case for industrial application. We will provide distributed solutions for industrial issues, fulfill the role of launch platform of business model, aim to solve the problem of technology and business at the shortest distance and solve it.

    Company name: RECIKA Inc.

    Establishment: December 2018

    Location: 16th Floor Ark Hills South Tower 1-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

    Representative: Chris Dai

    Business description: Blockchain system development, business consulting